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In multifamily, you’re faced with a stream of information overload from your properties. How do you cut past the spreadsheets and reporting lag to change course and update investors?

Canopy Analytics maps your financial trends over onsite operations. Filter the noise out, eliminate blind spots, and see market risk coming. Instantly, and without number crunching.

Multifamily is a juggling act

Satisfy residents, react quickly to market shifts, and know where to smartly deploy capital. Keep your eye on the ball with built-in operational and financial benchmarking. Sent as prioritized alerts, and refreshed instantly as facts change on the ground.

Your teams are far apart and busy

In property management the unexpected is to be expected. Understand local challenges facing your managers, and where to improve training. Keep everyone alert to changing business goals, and automatically convert those to daily tasks.

Put your investors’ money to work

You’re navigating tricky market conditions and construction projects. We help you tell the story. Monthly exec meeting or surprise client call, you’ll be ready. Instant portfolio insights come in an easy-to-read, simple-to-explain format. Confidently point out big trends and pinpoint little factors, all at a moment’s notice.

Why partner with Canopy Analytics to grow your business?

Full-service investment management firms have their work cut out for them. We help by answering the looming questions: 'How do we differentiate? What will attract capital? How can we execute on pro forma and adjust favorably in a weak market?'

Adjust the business plan with built-in live feedback on what’s working.

  • Check if rent growth has capped out, or you can keep pushing the market.
  • Calculate ROI on your amenity improvements, and track the audiences your marketing efforts are reaching.
  • Flag variances before the month is done, so the budget doesn't fall apart. Pull ready-made narratives out of on-site comments and context.

Quickly collaborate with your property management teams to course-correct.

  • Free up community managers to spend more time with residents. We handle all routine reporting and performance metrics, saving them the info gathering and input.
  • Deal with pressing issues in the moment. Prioritized alerts prompt managers to be ready with explanations before you ask.

Assemble great underwriting without painstaking research.

  • Use your own portfolio for reference. Slice & dice asset groupings. Quickly compare operating costs by region, asset class, size, floorplan, and amenities.
  • Standardize across communities, comparing apples to apples. Every property does things a little differently, no matter how thorough the training. We handle nuances like heavy student leasing seasons, concessions, and varying onsite software.

Turn your mountain of data into an operating advantage. Reveal areas for improvement in your portfolio, and bring leverage to your next deals.

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